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Learning to Unlearn
Written by David Martin on Dec. 18th 2016
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

In today’s world, there is a strong emphasis placed on a formal, academic education. It’s important for people to learn, and keep learning. The rapid change in technology in mobile phones alone has made the ability to relearn common tasks imperative.

Now with that said, I believe the pendulum may have gone too far in that people have arrived at the point where the value is only on formal education. Where someone went to college or university is one of the most prominent questions that pops up in social gatherings, coffee shops or any other reunion of people.

But what happened? Remember when you were a child? The ideas flowed forth like the waters over Niagara Falls. Nothing could stop your mind from it’s natural creativity. That very same creativity and imagination that put men on the moon, created the internet, new surgical techniques, new businesses – Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter to name a few.

Those companies weren’t launched because someone has a degree, they were created out of someone’s imagination.

How about Star Wars, the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings? These classic stories and movies were born from imagination.

So again I ask, what happened? Somewhere along the line I recall being told not to dream, not to be all in my head, that I had a wild imagination. I was being taught to stop dreaming both explicitly and implicitly. I know the people guiding my development had good intentions, they didn’t mean to stifle me. But that’s what happened, to an extent.

I invite you review your life, especially this time of year. By imagining a life of success in whatever way you define success. Create it, write it down, read it to yourself…start breaking the conditioning that took you away from your playful self. Keep in mind I am not saying to ignore your responsibilities, but to start the process of unlearning what you’ve learned that took you in a different direction.

Education comes from the Latin educere which means ‘to draw from or to draw forth.’ It’s a never ending process. Once you know where you’re going in life, you can now begin to effectively draw forth the right knowledge to get you there. It may be in a text book from the university or it may not. The key of finding such knowledge begins in your imagination.

Remember to put everything you have into everything you do, because the best is yet to come!


David Martin

David Martin helps people start and grow successful businesses. He is an expert at helping people get out of their own way using methods and making things super simple to understand.
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